A good make-up enhances your charm and natural beauty.


Have a special occasion and require professional make-up services? From weddings to events, parties, proms and special dinners we invite you to pamper yourself with our amazing make-up services.


For Make-up proffessionals we offer GTi Acredited Make-up Courses and Masterclass Courses. 

We also offer individual make-up lessons "Learn your own face".



Ocasional Make-up

Bridal Make-up

Bridal Make-up trial

GTi Accredited Makeup Courses
Masterclass Makeup Courses
Individual 1-1 “Learn Your Own Face” Makeup Lesson


Ocasional Make-up - from £50

Bridal Make-up - from £90

Bridal Make-up trial - from £60

GTi Accredited Makeup Courses - from £350
Masterclass Makeup Courses - from £250
Individual 1-1 “Learn Your Own Face” Makeup Lesson - £150

from £50

from £90

from £60

from £350

from £250